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Aida Muluneh Honor guest of AFFK

As a tribute to the Ethiopian film, the prominent artist, Aida Muluneh is an honor guest of the 19th edition of AFFK. Her art, talents, wit, wisdom, light heartedness, and her human prospective at the Library of Khouribga carried immense emotions to the presence.

Born in Ethiopia, Aida Muluneh spent most of her life abroad. After having been living in a number of countries including England, Yemen, and Cyprus, she moved to Canada before she finally settled in the United States. Muluneh graduated from Howard University in 2000, and worked as a documentary photographer at The Washington Post. In December 2007, she returned to herhome-city, Addis Ababa.

The lingering movement, which marked Aida since her early life, was first due, among other reasons beyond my knowledge, to the poor image, the low self-esteem and the lack of self-confidence she experienced as a teenager. In an interview she said, “ Iwas so ashamed to tell people that I was Ethiopian”. When she grew up, she revolted against those assumptions or ‘illusions’. Only at the end of her high school that she became aware of “how image could create or distort realities.” It is exactly this insurrection that emancipated her mind to discover the world of photography.Aida, always, had a torturing feeling of nostalgia and homesickness. She wanted to go back and live with her own folks, but she, also, wanted to give them a gift.

Since her return to Ethiopia, Muluneh has organized several exhibitions. Addis Foto Fest is the first international exhibition of photography that takes place every other year in Ethiopia. She is the one who established it. Her perseverance and commitment to arts led her to set up DESTA. An organization running workshops, trainings, exhibitions, and other activities within the frame of cultural projects in order to sustain the social development of Ethiopians through Arts.

Aida’s ultimate objectives are to rebrand the Ethiopian culture through her photographs and to help create work opportunities through Arts. That’s why she believes that social entrepreneurship is a key to the social and economic sustainable development.


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